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This 20,240 square foot addition includes four primary classrooms, two special education classrooms, a speech therapy and OT/PT classroom, a computer lab, a workforce development room, a band room with adjoining small group practice room, and new Administration Offices. The addition features a new main entry with a two story, natural lighted entry foyer which is attached directly to the new Administration Office area.

All classrooms have natural lighting via windows and skylights. These natural lighting systems are monitored and turn "off" the artificial lights when ample natural light is provided.

Site Improvements include parking lot improvements with associated stormwater drainage structures and area security lighting. The project also requires remodeling at the existing Fine Arts building for a new art room and a new conference room.

The addition is attached to the existing 24,400 SF Middle School and maintains the schools one central hallway. Future additions have also been planned, thus rooms and halls being constructed today will not interfere with future classrooms/construction.